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For countless generations, the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians lived in the Northern California region now called Tehama County. Although the influx of white settlers dramatically altered the environment and many aspects of the Tribe’s traditional ways of life, the Paskenta Band maintained its own culture and ties to this region.

In the 1950’s, the federal government terminated recognition of hundreds of Indian tribes in a misguided attempt to force assimilation. The Paskenta Band suffered this fate in 1959, and its Rancheria was sold to private parties. Despite the denial of federally recognized tribal status, the Paskenta Band maintained its tribal identity and culture while it worked for restoration as a Native American tribe. Finally in 1994, the federal government restored the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians to full tribal status.

Full tribal status enabled the Paskenta Band to embark on its mission to develop a strong, diverse economic base for its 240 members and surrounding communities. Part of this mission included the establishment of a family of construction, engineering and technology companies, known as the Tepa Companies. Tukuh Technologies, LLC, was established to support federal, state, municipal and commercial clients through a range of technical capabilities. 


Tukuh Technologies, is a tribally-owned 8(a) technology firm with a focus on geospatial technologies, software development, and IT services & support. Your source for federal, state and local contracts.

Tukuh Technologies does work across the country and currently has a presence in more than six states.

Nomlāqa bōda - We are Nomlaki.
Our contemporary culture stems from our long-standing traditions - as pious people who possessed earth lodge practices - as non-agrarian people who managed, and relied upon, the profuse bounty of the acorn, wild seeds, edible roots and abundant game - as highly resourceful people who elevated the art of fine basketry - and as disciplined people who honed our skills through initiatory societies.

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