UAS Platforms
Fixed-wing:  Mapping and point cloud data for assets such as landfills, levees, utility right-of-ways, etc.

Multi-rotor:  Live inspection of assets such as dams, towers, smokestacks, etc. High-definition video footage that facilitates understanding and decision-making.

Delivery:    Processed data is delivered in days, not months. Data delivered for one price:
•    Survey-grade dense point clouds using overlapping digital images

•    Traditional geospatial products:
•    Orthomosaics
•    Planimetrics
•    Digital surface and terrain models
•    Contours
•    3D TIM models

Accuracy:    Meets or exceeds accuracy of imagery captured using conventional fixed-wing aircraft:
•    Ground sample distances down to 1.5 cm
•    Relative orthomosaic/3D model accuracy of 1-3x GSD
•    Absolute horizontal/vertical accuracy down to 3/5 cm


Cost:        Acquisition as much as 50% less than the cost of using a conventional fixed-wing aircraft:

•    UAS cost less to buy and maintain
•    UAS cost less to hire than pilots and camera operators
•    Used in tandem to reduce acquisition times
•    Mobilized quickly

FAA Section 333 Exemption
FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (FMRA)

•    Awarded June 2013
•    Authorized to fly unmanned aircraft in the U.S.