Tukuh Projects



ePRISIMS IMCOM Real Property Data Collection IDIQ

Client:  USACE, Fort Worth District
Location: 14 installations, CONUS and OCONUS
Capacity:  $9.9M                              

Tukuh employees are reviewing, validating and developing standardized Enterprise Proactive Real Property Interactive Space Management System (ePRISMS) facility floor plans and related data necessary to populate and implement ePRISIMS. Space utilization planning and management through ePRISMS maximizes the efficient use of all U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)-controlled land, facilities and space in support of assigned missions. Tukuh’s tasks include:

  • Collecting complete as-built facility dimensions using a Leica Disto laser pointer and Windows tablet
  • Taking digital photographs
  • Validating data
  • Developing standardized ePRISMS facility floor plans
  • Entering data into ePRISMS database
  • Providing custom geospatial web-map application to track installation progress
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AFSAT Contract Manpower Support

Client:  U.S. Air Force Security Assistance Training
Location: Joint Base San Antonio Randolph Air Force Base, Randolph, Texas
Capacity:  $25M

Tukuh employees are providing program management, mission-specific program management, assistant training program management, contract management and administration, personnel and staffing, and project management services to the U.S. Air Force Security Assistance Training (AFSAT) squadron. The AFSAT squadron implements and approves Air Force-sponsored security training for more than 9,000 students from 140+ countries. Tukuh’s tasks fall under four basic job descriptions:

  • Administrative support services
  • Project management services
  • Assistant Training Program Management (ATPM) services
  • Mission Training Program Manager (MTPM) services
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Robins Air Force Base GIS Support IDIQ

Client:  78th Civil Engineer Group (CEG)
Location: Robins AFB, Georgia
Capacity:  $4M

Tukuh employees are providing Geospatial Information Systems Programs Support to the 78th Civil Engineer Group (CEG) at Robins Air Force Base (AFB) in order to manage and maintain a vast array of mission data sets (MDS) and components. The maintenance activities ensure the MDS are accurate, reliable and enhance business processes for mission success.  Tukuh’s tasks are related to these work areas:

  • GIS and Environmental Management System (EMS) technical support
  • Air quality tracking system support
  • Environmental Safety, Occupational Health Compliance and EMS support
  • Environmental GeoBase support
  • Compliance Through Pollution Prevention (CTP2)
  • Data systems support
  • Data collection and surveying services
  • Asset management support and services
  • Real Property Inventory Report (RIPR) support
  • Aerial flyover and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) services
  • Facility condition assessments

IT Security Assessment, Enterprise Architecture Plan and Implementation

Client:  American Academy of Forensic Sciences
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Contract Value:  $200,000

Tukuh employees provided a comprehensive information technology (IT) security system assessment for the American Academy of Forensic Sciences that included an architecture requirements analysis and a new IT enterprise architecture plan. The staff performed a capability gap analysis that took into consideration the academy's existing IT security components, data processing system, regulatory requirements, redundancy/back-up plan, existing configuration and disaster recovery/continuity-of-service plan. Tukuh placed two employees on-site to implement the new architecture and infrastructure. Tukuh’s tasks included:

  • Capability gap analysis
  • Security audit using International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium ((ISC)2) standards
  • Remediation recommendations
  • New IT Enterprise Architecture (ITES) plan
  • Assessment of business value and return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Pricing for implementation and maintenance of new ITEA
  • Two on-site staff members to implement new architecture and infrastructure

Landfill Aerial Mapping Services

Client:   WCA Waste Corporation
Location:  Eight sites in five states
Contract Value:  $50,160

Tukuh employees provided aerial mapping services for eight WCA landfill sites in five states. The new, high-resolution imagery at 3” (7.5 cm) pixel resolution was used to support engineering activities at the sites. The team captured approximately 1,220 acres total of RGB aerial imagery with 75% forward overlap and 60% side overlap. Tukuh’s tasks and deliverables included:

  • Aerial photography acquisition
  • Photogrammetric and digital orthophoto processing
  • Mapping and compilation
  • Survey ground control and accuracy standards
  • Google Earth KML file with linked photo thumbnails
  • Unretouched raw photos in JEPG format, geotagged
  • Mission Quality Report
  • 3-band RGB color orthophoto imagery, 3” pixel resolution, GeoTIFF format with corresponding TFW world files
  • 3-Band RGB color othophoto mosaic, GeoTIFF format with corresponding TFW world files
  • Esri ArcGIS 10.2-compatible orthophoto tile index
  • Clasified point cloud in LAS format
  • Esri ArcGIS 10.2-compatible TIN model of the Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Digital copy of base map in AutoCAD DWG format